Tips to get your advert noticed and more business in 2012

1.  Change your picture

It's the first thing guys look at on your listing, if they see the same picture every day they are less likely to click on your advert if they have seen it before.  If you are an agency or parlour use a different lady for each post.  It really does make a difference.

2.  Change the text of your listing

What gets one guy excited may be totally different to what works for another.  So change it around every now and again to appeal to a much larger audience

3.  Get a website

If you don't have one you are seriously losing out on business.  Your advert can only give a limited amount of information about you.  Whereas your own website can display many more pictures of you (or your business) and gives you much more of a unique personality than an advert alone.  Your adverts should always contain a link to your website.

4.  Get another website

Keep your existing website but also get a new one totally different from your current one.  This could open up a whole new customer base for you. For example, if you are an escort consider setting up a sensual / Tantric massage website as well, as some guys never visit escorts but are happy to visit masseuses or have them come to their hotel room for a more relaxing session. 

Or try to specialise in another field such as BDSM, tie and tease, male body worship, role play, pamper sessions etc, as a lot of guys are seriously looking to try something different and just need someone different to stand out from the crowd.  Don't make the mistake of using the same pictures on the new website, it wont work, the whole idea is to come across as a different persona

5. Change your banner and/or website

If you purchase a banner slot on you can change your banner at any time to freshen it up or if you have a new website we will be happy to change the link to that one for you - free of change.  We can not though change your banner or website to that of someone else.

6.  Be creative

Offer something different that makes you unique from everyone else.  If people like it and they can only get it from you then that's who they will call.


Handy links

Cosy Designs are highly trusted and respected massage/escort website designers that have been around since 1997 and can create you a fully managed professional website from 99 to 299

The ladies at the Adult Guide to London offer an internet advert posting service to all the main massage/escort directories on the Internet.  Useful for those people, agencies or parlours that don't have the time to do this themselves and prefer to pay a small fee to have this done on a daily basis for them.

Just use their contact form (below) to enquire about this service





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