Advertising information for 2018

For 2018 we have two advertising positions.

1.) Small button banners (160 x 60) at the TOP OF EVERY PAGE.   
     Only 20 banner positions currently available.
     Cost 120 for 3 months

2.) 200 x 300 banners at the BOTTOM OF EVERY PAGE.
     Unlimited positions available. 
Costs 75 for 3 months

  • All banners are linked to your own website/blog.

  • Banners can be animated (gifs) or static (jpgs) 

  • We can create your banner for free

  • Banners go live as soon as your payment is received

  • Banners get a lot more hits than just an advert

    All banners can be upto 150KB in size



Currently we have over 10,000 individual advert pages on our website  all of them being indexed by Google, so no matter what people search for your banner advert will appear on the page they see. 

So that's 10,000 pages on our website with your banner advert on it plus 10,000 pages in Google all pointing to your banner advert, plus we also have many links on other websites pointing to us which generates even more traffic for your banner adverts.

No one likes paying for advertising but in today's climate and with the amount of competition there is out there most people realise that advertising can provide a huge boost in business.

We aim to provide probably the most cost effective advertising there is.  For example, if you charge just 50 per session you only need one response to your advert PER MONTH to more than cover the cost of advertising here for 3 months.  Obviously you will receive a lot more responses than this every month so there really is no reason not to advertise. 


Creating a banner advert is easy, simply email with the details below. We will respond with payment details and your banner will be online soon after payment is received. Usually a same day service.

If you are creating your own banner (160x60 px) or (200x300 px) simply include it with your email plus the link you want it to go to. 

If you want us to create a banner for you please indicate as such in your email. (There is no extra charge for this)

Payments can be made over the counter at any bank directly into our bank account or via a bank transfer.  We will send you our bank details when we get your email.



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Your banner appears on every single page at the top or bottom of every single
 advert that's currently
over 10000 pages. So no matter which page someone looks at your banner is there.